Jeff Plant is a professional musician and voice actor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

After receiving his degree in physics, Jeff attended graduate school at the prestigious University of North Texas jazz program.  He has traveled extensively over the world performing music with a variety of artists and groups.  He has recorded on hundreds of albums, commercials, soundtracks, demos, and sessions.  He has recorded or performed with artists such as Wynonna Judd, Norah Jones, Oz Noy, Chris Coleman, Natalie Grant, Jimi Tunnell, Dave Fiuczynski, Kirk Whalum, Tom Braxton, Jose Rossy, Mark Lettieri, Nachito Herrera, Michael Harris, Matt Thompson, Andy Timmons, Aaron Spears, as well as several Symphony Orchestras and three Super Bowls and many more.


Jeff Plant

Having spent over 20 years recording on hundreds of sessions, Jeff's playing, voice acting, and writing have been featured on hundreds of commercials, jingles, video games, movie and cartoon soundtracks, albums, radio ID's, sports/news/weather music such as CNN, CNBC, NBC, America's Most Wanted, Borden's Milk, Star Wars Kinnect, Cartoon Network, American Airlines Center, One Piece Anime and many more.  

In addition, Jeff continues to perform/record with several fusion, jazz, funk, metal, R&B, Latin, and rock groups.